Updated: 08/28/2012 22:41

New holding co-operative to support the 12 NTUC social enterprises

New holding co-operative to support the 12 NTUC social enterprises

The Labour Movement has set up a new holding co-operative to support the 12 NTUC Social Enterprises. 

The new entity, NTUC Enterprise Co-operative, will help NTUC social enterprises to meet more needs, especially for working families, in the long-term. 

This is likely to result in the provision of more childcare and eldercare services, as well as greater skills training for workers. 

Chairman of the new co-operative Mr Lim Boon Heng explains how the new initiative can ensure NTUC's social enterprises remain sustainable. 

"But if you look at our smaller cooperatives be it the NTUC Eldercare or the NTUC Learning Hub, and learning hubs, we need people to do corporate planning, to chart the direction of these social enterprises. But they don't have the financial resources to do so. They also find difficulty attracting people of the right abilities to do this work. So with NTUC enterprise, we will be able to support them, both in terms of the money needed as well as the manpower resources that they need."

NTUC Enterprise Co-operative will also do more in the area of health and community care. 

It has set up a Social Enterprise group-wide task force that will look at ramping up efforts to support the elderly and the rest of the population in the areas of primary care, chronic-condition management and rehabilitative care. 

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