Updated: 11/30/2013 02:04

New attractions for Botanic Gardens

CDL Green Gallery

CDL Green Gallery

Visitors to the Singapore Botanic Gardens can expect two brand new attractions from tomorrow. 

The first is a museum, which showcases over 150 years of the gardens' history. 

The other, a Green Gallery, celebrates Singapore's development as a garden city. 

Our News Desk had a sneak peak. 

The Singapore Botanic Gardens Heritage Museum will showcase over 150 years of the gardens' history through interactive games, actual artifacts and photographs. 

You'll see old lab equipment and field notes, and learn about early methods of rubber-tapping - pioneered by the Botanic Gardens. 

The Gardens' Director, Nigel Taylor says visitors will also learn get to know of the gardens' less well-known historical bits. 

"In the1870s, There were falling visitor numbers, the governor suggested for a donation of animals. A rhinoceros, tigers, Orang Utans, Deers all many monkeys and birds were donated. This gave the then superintedent a huge headache, it was probably something he' not very qualified to do. We know from history, this was a huge disaster, many big animals died. So, that's a bit of the garden's history that people don't know." 

The other attraction, located next to the museum, is the CDL Green Gallery. 

It's a multimedia showcase od Singapore's "greening journey" over the last five decades. 

The gallery's also the nation's first zero-energy gallery - powered entirely by solar panels. 

It's also the first building in Singapore to be built using hemp, a plant material which can absorb carbon dioxide. 

CDL's assitant General Manager of Projects Division is Allen Ang. 

"It is mould-free, resistant to fire, resistant to moisture, it has superb sound and thermal properties. The amount of carbon dioxide it absorbs during the photosynthesis process is more than the amount produced when processing this hemp wall, so in a way it's carbon negative, in fact." 

To mark the opening, more than 50 activities, such as outdoor movie screenings and workshops, will be organised till the 15th of next month. 

The Museum and the Green Gallery will be officially opened tomorrow, by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong. 

-By Lee Gim Siong

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