Updated: 03/05/2014 01:18

NEA says Feb 2014 was the driest month in 145 years

NEA says Feb 2014 was the driest month in 145 years

The National Environment Agency, NEA, says February 2014 was Singapore's driest month in 145 years since 1869. 

At the Changi climate station, the rainfall total recorded for the month was just 0.2mm, breaking the previous record of 6.3 mm in February 2010. 

During the month, there were only seven days of short duration showers between 7 and 19 February, mainly in the western parts of Singapore. 

The rainfall totals across 64 rainfall stations range from 45 to 100 per cent below the long-term average of 161 mm for February. 

About half the stations, mostly in the southern and eastern areas, recorded monthly rainfall totals below 10 mm. 

NEA says February 2014 was also the most windy month in the last 30 years. 

At the Changi climate station, the average daily wind speed of 13.3 km/hr recorded exceeds the previous high of 12.5 km/hr in January 1985. 

The prolonged dry conditions have also set a new record for the lowest average daily relative humidity of 74.5 per cent. 

NEA says the dry weather affecting Singapore and the surrounding region is expected to persist in the first half of March. 

There may be localised showers in the afternoon on a few days, and rainfall is expected to be well below average. 

Fair and warm conditions are forecast for Singapore. 

The prevailing northeasterly winds are also forecast to remain steady over this period. 

With the expected onset of the Inter-Monsoon in the second half of March, the winds in the region will turn light and variable in direction. 

Increased rainfall can be expected in the later part of the month.

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