01 August 2014 15:00 | By Ng Jia Yi
Looking at Lee Kuan Yew’s life through art

Even after his retirement from politics in 2011, former Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew continues to touch lives today

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The road to his goal was initially fraught with difficulties. Due to the huge amount of time needed for research, Koh had to work as a freelance artist for two years, drawing caricatures at events.

It was a tough time for him, and adding on to his stress were others’ lack of faith that he would be successful in publishing his work: “Many people asked why I didn’t look for a job and spent time on [an] ‘unpromising’ project that was not likely to be [released].”

“Many thought I was crazy; living in my own world; [a] gone case,” he added.

However, Koh eventually proved them wrong. The 7,000 printed copies of the first edition of Growing Up With Lee Kuan Yew sold out, and its second edition seems to be set for commercial success as well - it has sold 3,000 copies so far.

Koh has held three book signing events at Popular book store, and has received tons of encouragement and praise from his readers.

One comment that left the deepest impression on him was from his student’s mother, who made him realise that although the book was targeted at children, it appealed to both the young and the old: “My mum is the first one to go through your book. It was very well illustrated.”

Pictured: Lawrence Koh (far right) and his supporters.