Updated: 06/18/2014 23:47

NDP 2014 to drum up the tempo with military march pasts

NDP 2014 to drum up the tempo with military march pasts

This year's National Day Parade will kick off with a seven-minute military marchpast to the tune of familiar NDP theme songs such as "Home".

Up to 164 band members will perform in various formations. One of them is heart-shaped, to symbolise the theme: 'Parade with a Heart'.

Chairman of the Parade and Ceremony Committee, Senior Lieutenant-Colonel Joseph Tan, says: "Singaporeans love the military band, they love the precision skills squad coming together. It's just a spectacular performance that will give the parade a lot more energy that will kick start the contingents coming in.

"So, that's how we felt that the Military Tattoo is actually a great way to open up the parade with a heart. They (will) also form this nice, big, beating heart which lends to the parade tagline."

A military tattoo is a performance by military drummers. And the NDP's tattoo will include eight members from the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore.

They will also be part of the 35 marching contingents.

This year's Parade and Ceremony segment will have five moments called "heartbeats" , to recognise Singaporeans from all walks of life.

One is a tribute to the pioneer generation for their hard work and dedication to the country.

Another is a celebration of the importance of families and communities in supporting the individual.

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