Updated: 07/14/2014 17:41

NCPG ads new twist to World Cup ad

Screen grab from NCPG's website

Screen grab from NCPG's website

There's a new twist to the National Council for Problem Gambling ad on the World Cup, after Germany defeated 1-0 in the final. 

The ad had featured a boy named Andy telling his friends that his father had bet his savings on Germany winning the World Cup. 

Dozens of memes of the ad started circulating on social media after Germany crushed Brazil in a record-breaking 7-1 victory in the semi-finals. 

But this morning, after Germany clinched the championship, a new version of the ad went up on the NCPG website. 

Another boy asks Andy if he got his savings back since Germany won the World Cup. 

But Andy replies: "No, dad never stops... he wants to bet one more time."

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