Updated: 02/08/2014 02:19

National Family Council renamed Families for Life

National Family Council renamed Families for Life

The National Family Council has been renamed Families for Life. 

The new name reflects the council evolving approach to connect with Singaporean families, promote strong and resilient families. 

Families for Life will adopt a 365-day approach to encourage families to spend time more regularly beyond festive or special occasions. 

The council will also be using radio and online platforms to strengthen two-way conversations on family. 

Ching Wei Hong is the Council Chairman. 

"The conversation helps building families, bringing families together, emphasising on its importance of family time. Because we are all caught up with a lot of pressures in modern day lives. Basically for all of us, we struggle with work life balance. Despite all these pressures, what things you do, what conversation you do to bring the families together and to stay connected." 

And besides organising family-centred events to engage the community, online platforms will also be used for Singaporeans to share their experiences, ideas and advice on building stronger families. 

Workgroups such as Marriage Central and Dads for Life that were previously under National Family Council will be consolidated under Families for Life. 

But the council says activities for these two movements will remain. 

A new logo was also unveiled today to represent the name change.

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