Updated: 07/19/2014 00:34

MOT seeks details on Malaysia's VEP

Photo: CNA

Photo: CNA

Singapore's Transport Ministry, MOT, says there's concern that Malaysia's decision to levy an entry fee on foreign-registered vehicles is directed towards Singaporean vehicles, as it's reported that it will only be levied in Johor. 

In response to media queries, the Ministry says it has contacted its counterparts in Malaysia for details of the fee, and will consider its response after getting them. 

An MOT spokesman also explained that the basis of Singapore's Vehicle Entry Permit or VEP and Goods Vehicle Permit (GVP) fees is not discriminatory. 

It serves to equalise the cost of owning and using foreign-registered vehicles on Singapore roads, with that for Singapore-registered vehicles. 

The spokesman says Singapore-registered vehicles are subject to significantly different costs such as the Certificate of Entitlement and vehicle taxes, amongst others. 

MOT says the last time the VEP fee for cars was changed in 2004, it was lowered, largely because of the lower cost of COEs during that period. 

About 13,000 foreign-registered cars enter Singapore daily. 

The ministry says based on last year's data, almost nine in ten foreign-registered cars will not be affected by the VEP fee increase as they enter and stay in Singapore on VEP-free days or during VEP-free hours. 

About 8,000 unique foreign goods vehicles enter Singapore every month.

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