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More space for animals at SPCA’s new home in Sungei Tengah

More space for animals at SPCA’s new home in Sungei Tengah

More space for animals at SPCA’s new home in Sungei Tengah

SINGAPORE: The new home of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) in Sungei Tengah promises to be a tranquil place where animal welfare comes first.

Designed by RichardHO Architects, it will weave in the rural charm of the area.

The centrepiece is a unique hexagonal cluster of animal housing, similar to nature’s organic structures that allow for growth.

There will be an extensive water feature that will be used as a water reservoir, as well as to filter and re—use rain water to wash the kennels.

With a site of about 7,700 square metres, SPCA will be able to run facilities that it could not at its current site in Mount Vernon Road.

The site at Mount Vernon Road, whose lease will expire in December 2014, has an area of about 2,200 square metres.

There will be more space for dogs, cats and rabbits to exercise, as well as two rehabilitation rooms.

SPCA Executive Director Corinne Fong said the design of the new shelter will focus on the animals’ well—being.

"We will have ample space for dog runs, rehabilitation therapy areas and enrichment areas for play and stimulation... the staff and volunteers will have pockets of green for reflection and relaxation. The water feature adds a fantastic dimension to the complex as it offers an atmosphere of tranquillity and peace for our animals, visitors and staff," she said.

Another new feature is an Education Centre to spread the word on animal welfare issues and inspire visitors to do more to help animals.

The new home will cost about $5.6 million to build.

SPCA will step up its efforts over the next two years to raise money for the move, including a gala dinner in September this year.

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