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More school buses install CCTVs

More school buses install CCTVs

More school buses install CCTVs

SINGAPORE: More school buses have installed CCTV cameras to obtain visual evidence in the case of legal disputes.

The Singapore School Transport Association (SSTA) has advised all its 3,000 members to install the CCTVs.

So far, about 100 bus companies, or 3 per cent of the association’s members, have done so.

Criminal lawyer James Lee said: "If any incident happens on board the bus, they can see from CCTV whether it was the child who was playful, resulting in own injury, or it was because of the negligence on the part of the attendant. And if things are stolen from the car, you can see (from the CCTV) who the perpetrator is. This will help the police in solving the crime and arresting the offender."

The footage may also come in handy to help clear misunderstandings in the case of traffic accidents.

It’s an important issue for bus companies, as damage claims typically make up some 10 to 20 per cent of their operating costs.

But the CCTVs don’t come cheap.

For a 40—seater school bus, installing four CCTVs can set the company back by about $3,000.

But smaller buses may only need one camera, at a cost of about $300.

The chairman of the SSTA says the individual bus companies will foot the bill, so the cost will not be passed on to the parents.

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