Updated: 03/12/2014 00:05

More parking lots for shared cars

More parking lots for shared cars

More parking lots in HDB estates will be set aside for shared cars. 

This is part of the Transport Ministry's push for car-sharing schemes so that more households can have access to cars as part of their mobility options. 

Senior Minister of State Josephine Teo announced this during the Committee of Supply debate in Parliament today. 

She estimates that three in four households could have access to cars, if a mere four per cent of the existing car population comes on board car-sharing schemes. 

But she also acknowledges that car-sharing is not for everyone, and its presence here will take time to grow. 

However, she adds that younger Singaporeans she's spoken to are receptive to the idea. 

"Some identify with the more flexible lifestyle that comes with it. Others like the idea of freeing up their financial resources to take up meaningful pursuits such as travel, sports and culture. And time savings too - as they will not need to worry about washing or servicing their cars now and then."

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