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More Malay success stories needed on TV: MPAC

More Malay success stories needed on TV: MPAC

More Malay success stories needed on TV: MPAC

SINGAPORE: The Malay Programmes Advisory Committee (MPAC) said on Wednesday that broadcasters should produce more dramas based on the success stories of the Malay community.

This was needed to reflect the community’s resilience and ability to overcome challenges, said the committee.

MPAC also encouraged broadcasters to highlight more positive aspects of the Malay community within dramas to show that the community has progressed.

The comments were part of MPAC’s report containing recommendations and observations on the quality and range of Malay programmes broadcasted during the committee’s term of 1 August 2010 to 31 July 2012.

In the report, the committee suggested using local dramas as educational tools for the Malay community, which can be achieved through in—depth research on various subject matters relevant to the particular drama.

MPAC also noted that current affairs programmes like "Detik" and "Bicara" were scheduled at a late time—slot of 10.30pm on weeknights, which made them less accessible to the general audience.

However the committee understood that late time slots catered better to PMEBs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Businessmen), and said that Suria could consider scheduling repeat telecasts of the programmes at an earlier time slot on weekends to reach a wider audience.

The committee also expressed concern for the growing increase of English words in Malay programme titles, as well as the borrowing of English words to coin new Malay words.

It said that while such practices make titles and phrases hip and trendy, doing so can eventually lead to the loss of original Malay words.

In response to the report, broadcaster MediaCorp said that it was encouraged that MPAC had taken note of the range and quality of Malay programmes offered by Suria, Warna and Ria.

MediaCorp also said that it would continue to invest in resources to produce innovative programmes and foster more collaboration to reach out to and engage their current and new audiences.

MPAC was set up in August 1995 to evaluate the content and quality of Malay television and radio programmes as well as their impact on the Malay community in Singapore.

They are also tasked with making recommendations to improve programmes.

The current committee was appointed by the Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts on 1 August 2010 for a two—year term.

There are 15 members in the committee, which is chaired by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for National Development Dr Maliki Osman.

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