Updated: 05/28/2014 03:01

Ministerial Committee on Ageing calls for feedback on national action plan for successful ageing

Ministerial Committee on Ageing calls for feedback on national action plan for successful ageing

The Ministerial Committee on Ageing is calling for feedback on a national action plan for successful ageing. 

The plan is meant to chart strategies and initiatives to enable Singaporeans to age successfully. 

Health Minister Gan Kim Yong announced in parliament that it's time to change the conversation about ageing - from worrying about the challenges of ageing to celebrating longevity. 

"Ageing is a conversation that involves all of us - our aspirations for our silver years, how we hope to live our lives to the fullest, how we wish to relate to peers and younger persons, and the kind of society we wish to live in when we age. It is a conversation not just among the old, but also with the young."

The plan will cover seven areas, from lifelong learning for seniors, employment, retirement adequacy to research in ageing. 

And public consultation starts in the middle of this year. 

"We want to hear ideas from educational institutions, voluntary welfare organizations and senior learners themselves, on what can be done to help seniors continue to learn new things so that they can remain active, and their days filled with excitement."

Mr Gan says that suggestions from unions, employers and HR practitioners on how the workplace can be made more welcoming and empowering for seniors to put their experience and talents to good use are also welcomed. 

And he hopes to hear from community leaders, healthcare professionals and active agers. 

Other professionals - architects, IT experts and urban and transport planners - can also share their ideas on leveraging technology. 

Government ministries and agencies and private and people sectors will be involved in creating the plan. 

It's expected to be ready by next year.

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