Updated: 12/19/2013 20:53

Man jailed for threatening to post girl's semi-nude pictures online

Man jailed for threatening to post girl's semi-nude pictures online

A 24-year-old man who lied to take screen-shots of a semi-nude girl was today jailed four weeks for threatening to post those pictures online. 

Johnson Song Jian Sheng had befriended the then 16-year-old girl on Facebook in June 2011. 

He pretended to be a woman in his online profile and managed to strike up a conversation with the girl over webcam. 

Song said his webcam was not working and suggested they play a game of "Hangman". 

The rule of the game was that the person who lost would remove a piece of clothing. 

The victim agreed. 

After losing a few games, the victim was left with only her panties. 

Song then asked her to pose in front of the webcam, where he took several screenshots of her. 

On 6th November 2011, at about 10pm, Song tried to chat with the girl over webcam and was rejected. 

He threatened to damage the girl's reputation by posting her semi-nude photos online. 

As a warning, he sent the victim two photos - one of herself semi-nude, and one of her aunt's company website. 

Fearing for her reputation, the victim stripped to her panties again. 

In sentencing, District Judge Lee Poh Choo said she found it hard to believe that Song didn't realise the gravity of his act and that there was no pre-meditation. 

She said although the victim voluntarily undressed herself, the accused lied about being a female. 

The judge said there was a high risk the photos would be circulated and posed a lifelong threat to the victim.

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