Updated: 02/25/2014 02:32

LTA Calls for Environmental Impact Assessment tender on Cross Island Line

LTA Calls for Environmental Impact Assessment tender on Cross Island Line

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) will be calling for the tender for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) for the Cross Island Line today. 

The consultant for the EIA is expected to start working on the project by the second half of this year. 

LTA said the EIA team will include experts in hydrology and geology. 

The team will also be required to fulfil the scope of work for the EIA. 

The EIA will be conducted in two phases for the various alignment options in and around the reserve. 

In phase 1, the consultant will do a baseline evaluation of the existing ecosystem and the physical conditions along the proposed corridors, and assessments of the potential impact to the environment. 

The EIA consultant will also propose guidelines and recommend appropriate mitigating measures to carry out soil investigation works with minimal impact to the reserve. 

In phase 2, the consultant will provide an assessment of the impact that may result from the construction and operation of the project. 

LTA says the the government will consider the assessment as one of the important factors before deciding on the eventual alignment of the CRL. 

It says it's been working with various nature groups over the last eight months to address their concerns on how the CRL would impact Singapore's Central Catchment Nature Reserve. 

A working group report has also been produced as part of the consultation. 

LTA says this report, together with the Nature Society Singapore position paper, will be included as part of the tender documents and serve as useful resources for the consultant in studying how the various possible alignment options could affect the CCNR. 

It'll encourage further participation of the nature groups to work with the EIA consultant. 

Co-Founder of environmental non-governmental organisation O Cicada Tree Eco-Place, Dr Vilma D'Rozario, says she hopes the assessment would help in the preservation of Singapore's Central Nature Reserves, particularly the Macritchie Forest. 

"Macritchie Forest is a nature reserve and home to some of our rarest fund and mammals, it is our national treasure, I hope the EIA will re-confirm this, and does call for the construction of an alternative route which will not be underneath the forest, perhaps around the forest." 

Council Member of the Nature Society Singapore, Tony O'Dempsey, says the Society looks forward to working with the EIA Consultant in their assessment. 

"We'll act as a technical advisor, we have worked extensively with the agencies in the lead up to this tender. I anticipate that our relationship will remain at a good level of trust, respect and that we'll continue to work with them throughout the project, in an advisory fashion."

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