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Liquor sellers expect a spike in demand for alcohol before alcohol ban kicks in

Liquor sellers expect a spike in demand for alcohol before alcohol ban kicks in

Liquor sellers in Little India say they expect a spike in demand for alcohol before the 48-hour ban kicks in. 

They say those who're aware of the ban in alcohol sales, starting 6am Saturday, might stock up. 

The News desk filed this report after visiting the neighbourhood. 

Mr PJ Kumar owns a shop which sells provisions and liquor on Chander Rd. 

He says his shop will remain open for the weekend, but expects to take in at least $2,000 less than usual, due to the alcohol ban. 

He adds that he hasn't seen a spike in sales just yet, but things could change. 

"Later they will come, though that one is not sure, this is the first time right, later we can see during the evening. After 6, after 6 means we are selling the liquor more, 6 to 10 like that." 

Mr Kumar says he acknowledges the government's intention to cool down the situation in the area. 

So, he will advise customers against buying "too much". 

Another liquor shop owner, P N Rajan says he's expecting a higher demand for alcohol before the ban starts. 

But he won't be profiting from it as he doesnt want to "worsen the current situation" 

"Anyway, we are planning to close our alcohol sale, 7 o'clock tonight, so we won''t sell, just to prepare our store for tomorrow and Sunday." 

Provision shop owner, Mr Pannambalam, sees no point in doing business this weekend. 

He expects 30 per cent less in takings because of the alcohol ban and would rather rest. 

"These two days, sleeping, what to do."

Shops selling alcohol just outside the restricted area are not expecting a spike in sales as they dont believe people will go out of their way just to buy alcohol. 

Mr Cheong Kum Chee is a drinks store owner at Berseh Food Centre 

"I do business here more than 20 years, I know very well. Normally are those who come regularly, once in a while, outsiders will only come. 


Minister of State for Trade and Industry Teo Ser Luck asked for the understanding of businesses affected by the ban. 

"We also want to, most imporantly take care of Singaporeans living in that area. That's why such a measure is impt, and we hope to have the cooperation of store owners and SMEs operating around there. I understand their concerns. I understand it will be difficult for them at this for this point in time. But such implementation of measures, hopefully they understand, it's an incident, an exception, we have to do it at this time." 

-By Lee Gim Siong and Fann Sim

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