Updated: 06/19/2014 22:50

Legless body case suspects brought around for investigation

43-year-old Pakistani, Rasheed Muhammad

43-year-old Pakistani, Rasheed Muhammad

The two Pakistani murder suspects in connection with the legless body found in a suitcase revisited a number of crime scenes this morning to assist in police investigations. 

43-year-old Rasheed Muhammad and 25-year-old Ramzan Rizwan were accompanied by a dozen law enforcement officers. 

They re-enacted the crime and pointed out various locations related to the murder. 

One of these locations is Rowell Road, just off Serangoon Road, where the two accused had been staying. 

The older man, Rasheed, was led to the to the hostel by police officers and stayed there for about 15 minutes. 

He was then escorted to Syed Alwi Road where the bloodied suitcase, containing the upper body of fellow Pakistani 59-year-old Muhammad Noor, was found. 

On the pavement, he used this foot to point to a spot on the ground. 

Accompanying officers then marked out such spots with arrows and took photographs. 

In a separate visit, the second accused, Ramzan, was also led to the same hostel on Rowell Road later that morning. 

The police then took Ramzan to Jalan Kubor, off Victoria Street, where a Muslim cemetery is. 

This is where the legs of the victim were found, in another piece of luggage. 

Both suspects had restraints on their wrists and ankles, and were dressed in a red polo T-shirt and navy shorts. 

They communicated with police through a translator. 

The duo were arrested last Thursday, less than a day after the police were alerted to the case. 

If convicted, the two will face the death penalty.

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