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Kovan double murder: Suspect was on duty when victim made theft report

Cop was duty officer when victim Tan Boon Sin made report to Bedok police station about a case of theft in Nov.

Kovan double murder suspect identified as police officer (© Photo: Channel NewsAsia)

SINGAPORE: The suspect involved in the double Kovan murders has been identified as police Senior Staff Sergeant Iskandar bin Rahmat (middle).

Iskandar is a senior staff sergeant at Bedok Police Division with 14 years of experience in the force.

Police said the 34-year-old suspect had crossed over to Johor Bahru on a scooter shortly after 11pm on Wednesday, the day the killings took place.

He was arrested in a restaurant in Danga Bay at 11.30pm on Friday night and was extradited and brought to Police Cantonment Complex at 12.15 pm on Saturday..

Police said the suspect's relationship with the older victim Tan Boon Sin is unclear.

However, they noted that Tan had made a report to the Bedok police station, where the suspect was the duty officer, about a case of theft in November 2012. But he was later taken off the case.

Police said that the suspect was in debt due to personal domestic matters and was suspended at the time of the murders as he was facing internal disciplinary action.

Police added that as in all suspensions, he was barred from carrying out duties and carrying firearms.

Police revealed that 67-year-old Tan Boon Sin, who was found dead in his home at 14J Hillside Drive, was the first to be killed. He was slashed.

Tan had stopped by Certis Cisco Centre in Paya Lebar to withdraw some items from a safe deposit box there before heading home.

His son, 42-year-old Tan Chee Heong, who was slashed in the neck, was seen staggering out of the house and collapsing at the gate.

The suspect then drove the older Tan's silver Toyota Camry, reversed into the son's body, and dragged it for about one kilometre before it was dislodged outside Kovan MRT station.

Speaking at the conference on Saturday, Police Commissioner Ng Joo Hee said it was a sad day for the police and that he wished he could "turn back the clock and undo this great misfortune that has befallen upon the Tan family."

"We have now captured Officer Iskandar and we will prosecute him to the maximum extent. He is a murder suspect and will eventually receive just desserts for the heinous crime that he is accused of committing.

"Officer Iskandar’s fall from grace has also brought dishonour to the 10,000 other police officers who dedicate themselves every day to protecting others, and who routinely risk their own safety to preserve those of others."


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