Updated: 01/17/2013 03:09

Kenneth Jeyaretnam promises Punggol East a "better deal" from government

Kenneth Jeyaretnam promises Punggol East a "better deal" from government

Reform Party candidate Kenneth Jeyaretnam says he wants to give Punggol East residents get a "better deal" from government. 

His campaign message is "No more broken promises". 

And he'll work to get that message across to voters over the next nine days. 

The Secretary-General of the Reform Party chose to speak to reporters at Rivervale Plaza, to highlight the incomplete renovation works there. 

Facilities, public transport links, and estate maintenance are the issues he will be highlighting. 

Mr Kenneth Jeyaretnam said he has a five-year plan for Punggol East, which he will announce in the coming week. 

"Not only will we be in touch with local issues through our network, we will be fearless about bringing them up and working to resolve them. Our stand on national issues is well known. I have done more than the other opposition MPs to highlight the fact that we need accountability on our reserves." 

At the nomination centre, only a handful of Reform Party supporters were spotted. 

When asked, Mr Jeyaretnam said they are a new party with limited resources. 

He's hoping for more supporters at the rallies. 

He told reporters he's likely to hold two or three. 

He will also be spreading his message through house visits and online.

On how his decision to contest the by-election has affected opposition unity, Mr Jeyaretnam blamed the Workers' Party for refusing to engage other parties. 

However, he expects to attract voters who will not vote for the WP in any case. 

And he's confident of securing enough votes to ensure he gets his election deposit back. 

-By Tan Qiuyi

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