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I’m most qualified to hold govt to account: RP’s Jeyaretnam

I’m most qualified to hold govt to account: RP’s Jeyaretnam

I’m most qualified to hold govt to account: RP’s Jeyaretnam

SINGAPORE: The Reform Party held its first rally for the Punggol East by—election on Sunday evening.

Right up till about 5pm on Sunday, it was still unclear if the party would go ahead with its rally because it said there were anonymous threats directed at its candidate Kenneth Jeyaretnam and his family.

The party eventually went ahead with its rally, which featured seven speakers including Mr Jeyaretnam.

During his speech, Mr Jeyaretnam said he is most equipped to hold the government to account.

He said: "I will call the PAP out on their broken record. I will raise your issues effectively and of all your candidates, I am the best qualified and most prepared to hold the government to account on national issues."

Mr Jeyaretnam pointed to what he termed as the broken promises made by both the People’s Action Party (PAP) and the Workers’ Party.

The PAP, he said, did not deliver the completion of Rivervale Plaza while the Workers’ Party has been "missing in action" after the last elections.

Mr Jeyaretnam said: "I have been trying very hard to win you over one by one. While I was doing that you were winning me over so when we talk about broken promises, we realise that first you must make a promise first for it to be broken. That is why I will not promise millions of dollars! But I have managed millions of dollars, and I can assure you that I am a safe pair of hands."

Mr Jeyaretnam said he will make three promises if elected.

He will move to Punggol East and become a full—time MP. He will also donate 10 per cent of his MP allowance to the community.

He also touched on why he decided to contest this by—election, despite receiving threats to himself and his family.

"Last week, I dared to stand up for what I believe it. I dare to offer a real alternative and I dare to face down the bullies," said Mr Jeyaretnam.

Mr Jeyaretnam has since lodged a police report on the anonymous threats.

The other speakers for the rally include the party’s Central Executive Committee members.

They touched on what they said were the concerns of Singaporeans.

These include the rising cost of living, escalating car prices, health care costs and the affordability of public flats.

Several speakers also touched on why the Reform Party should be represented in Parliament, pointing to how they felt the Workers’ Party has under—performed its role as the opposition voice.

The Reform Party is the only new face to Punggol East residents.

PAP, Workers’ Party and the Singapore Democratic Alliance have all contested the seat in the last general election.

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