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Hundreds stranded as Scoot flights delayed

Hundreds stranded as Scoot flights delayed

Hundreds stranded as Scoot flights delayed

SINGAPORE: Hundreds of passengers were stranded after their flights on the budget airline Scoot were delayed.

Callers to the MediaCorp News hotline said flights from Singapore to Bangkok in Thailand and back, and flights from Singapore to Tianjin in China were affected.

One caller reported that more than 300 passengers were stuck at Changi Airport after their scheduled flight TZ88 to Tianjin did not take off.

A Scoot spokesperson said the issue arose when the airline was not able to accommodate 23 passengers on the Bangkok—bound flight due to technical reasons.

After unsuccessfully seeking volunteers, the last 23 passengers to check in were told that they could not board and would be given tickets on the next day’s flight plus compensation — in accordance with the terms and conditions they accepted upon purchase of their tickets.

The spokesperson said regrettably the 23 passengers would not accept the offer.

A large group of their friends who were already in the boarding area then became disruptive and would not let the flight board.

Eventually after a lengthy delay, 23 other passengers agreed to travel at a later date and the aircraft left for Bangkok.

The aircraft deployed to Bangkok upon its return to Singapore, subsequently operates to Tianjin.

The spokesperson added that because of the delayed departure to Bangkok, the flight’s return to Singapore was also delayed which eventually caused the Tianjin flight to be pushed back.

Some passengers who had checked in for the Tianjin flight returned home, while others who stayed in the airport were provided meal vouchers and refreshments.

Scoot said it sincerely regrets the disruption.

Scoot said another flight bound for the Gold Coast on Sunday night was also affected as a direct consequence of the delay suffered by the Bangkok flight.

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