Updated: 07/16/2014 22:17

HPB launches My Healthy Plate

HPB launches My Healthy Plate

The Healthy Diet Pyramid will be gradually phased out of school textbooks from this year. 

In its place is a visual tool called "My Healthy Plate", which shows what a healthy meal should look like on a plate. 

In any given meal, half of one's plate should be filled with fruits and vegetables. 

A quarter of it should be covered with wholegrains, another quarter with meat and other food groups. 

It also promotes using healthier oil, choosing water over sweetened drinks and being active. 

Officiating at the launch, Parliamentary Secretary for Health Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim says that there have been concerns that Singaporeans have not been eating enough fruits and vegetables, and that they've been consuming more saturated fats. 

"My Healthy Plate has been developed to see how we can encourage Singaporeans to have a balanced diet, to eat healthily in the right proportions. It provides a good quantitative reference to them. It's also something that's practical, easy, something they can relate to." 

HPB says My Healthy Plate serves as motivation, instead of a prescriptive tool for Singaporeans to eat a balanced meal.

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