Updated: 03/10/2014 22:42

HetNet for local mobile users

HetNet for local mobile users

Smoother and speedier connections to wireless networks. 

This could be a reality for local mobile users, if plans for a nationwide heterogeneous network or HetNet are realised. 

Communications and Information Minister Yaacob Ibrahim unveiled this during his ministry's Committee of Supply debate today. 

He was giving an update on the progress of the Steering Committee for the Infocomm Media Masterplan in Parliament. 

Dr Yaacob says that Singapore could be among the first in the world to adopt such a network at a national level. 

"In a HetNet, operators will be able to achieve better management of traffic in their wireless networks. Users will be able to connect more seamlessly and operate their devices across different networks such as cellular and Wi-Fi. Their devices will also connect to and utilise the best available network in range."

Other key ideas from the Steering Committee include the promotion of computational thinking as a national capability. 

They'll be introducing this through a movement called 'CODE@SG'. 

Dr Yaacob says they'll work with relevant stakeholders to introduce coding and computational thinking to students in schools. 

This will be done through competitions, enrichment programmes and infocomm clubs. 

More specifically, infocomm clubs in schools will be revamped to 'gamify' learning and increase interest levels in computational thinking. 

On top of that, Dr Yaacob adds that the Steering Committee will be pushing for home-based health-care to be more widely available. 

"By deploying sensors-enabled home-based health-care, patients can expect more timely attention from caregivers and medical professionals on their conditions."

Work on the Infocomm Media Masterplan is currently ongoing, and the Steering Committee will publish a consultation document on their work later this month.

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