12/10/2013 17:30 | By Alyssa Woo

Heroes of the Little India riots

Now that the dust has settled and order in Little India restored, we turn our attention to individuals who rose above the chaos on December 8, 2013.

It seems that every concerned citizen in Singapore has an opinion about the Little India riots, the first in local history since the turbulent 1960s. Some have made insightful observations about the riots and its aftermath, while others have taken to cyberspace to flame the foreign workers and just about everyone else involved in the fracas. A lot of media coverage has focused on the rioters, but there are a select people who truly deserve our attention and praise for rising above the chaos. Here are the heroes of the Little India riots.

1. The man who tried to stop the other rioters from destroying the bus

man in the checkered shirt (© Video source: xinmsn)

The yet-to-be-identified man in the checkered shirt was recorded trying to stop the rioters from inflicting damage on the bus which fatally ran over 33-year-old construction worker Sakthivel Kumaravelu. He later tries to direct them away from the bus. This is a perfect example why xenophobic comments towards foreign-workers have no justification whatsoever and should stop – someone who dared to stand up to his compatriots to do what is right.

2. The cleaners who worked through the night to clear up the mess

Cleaner (© Thomas Haverford)

One of the cleaners tasked with cleaning up the mess

While we point fingers at a large group of people and blame the riots on them, there are also innocent individuals who suffer the repercussions. This cleaner (who declined to give his name), went about his usual job of cleaning up the streets of a chaotic post-riots Little India within hours of the disturbance coming to an end. Let’s recognise this man and his colleagues – and other workers – who keep our streets clean day in day out come rain or shine.


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