Updated: 03/28/2014 23:08

Healthcare cooperative to encourage a more hands-on approach

Healthcare cooperative to encourage a more hands-on approach

A co-operative which aims to encourage Singaporeans to take a more hands-on approach in taking care of their health has been launched. 

Named The Good Life, the co-op is based on a tripartite model, comprising healthcare providers, insurance companies and the public. 

It's led by Dr Carol Tan, a geriatrician from Rophi Clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena Specialist Centre. 

She says in light of Singapore's ageing population and rising healthcare costs, there's a need to relook our healthcare approach, so as not to be over-dependent on public resources. 

She says the idea of long-term, preventive healthcare is something Singaporeans are not very used to. 

Singaporeans tend to be rather reactive in terms of healthcare - that is, they wait for their medical problems to worsen till it becomes unbearable, before looking for medical treatment. 

Singaporeans also tend to doctor-hop a lot. 

"What we have learnt in our journey is that we need a paradigm shift for Singapore. We need to be more proactive, we need to do a lot more prevention, and also we need more partnership. We need to work together because each one of us has only one part of the piece."

The co-op offers a network of doctors that've pledged quality services at reasonable prices. 

They've already got about 20 private-sector doctors on board. 

Members will also have access to resources to help them gain literacy in healthcare and the healthcare financing framework. 

The public will also be engaged through activities like public forums. 

The Good Life has partnered the People's Association to organise four such forums, and the first one will be held in May.

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