Updated: 03/10/2014 20:53

Hawazi: no need for Religious Knowledge to be re-introduced

Hawazi: no need for Religious Knowledge to be re-introduced

Senior Parliamentary Secretary for Education, Hawazi Daipi, says it's not necessary to re-introduce Religious Knowledge in schools as a separate subject. 

He says the school curriculum today provides students with a broad-based exposure of major religions in Singapore. 

"Such exposure helps to promote respect between people of different religious backgrounds. Many schools also leverage special occasions like Deepavali, Good Friday and Racial Harmony Day to help students appreciate our multi-cultural and multi-religious Singapore."

Rounding up his ministry's Committee of Supply Debate today. Mr Hawazi says in order to preserve the common space where theyoung can develop a shared Singaporean identity, his ministry has set guidelines to ensure schools conduct religious activities sensitively.

And while he acknowledged the well-established heritage of mission and faith-affiliated schools, he says they should maintain their traditions and school culture within these guidelines. 

Mr Hawazi says this is part-and-parcel of embracing a multi-religious Singapore. 

He adds that parents are important role models for students to understand, respect and celebrate such diversity. 

This goes towards fostering social cohesion in Singapore.

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