Updated: 03/07/2014 23:11

Govt to review master plan for continuing education

Govt to review master plan for continuing education

Senior Minister of State for Manpower Amy Khor says the government is in the midst of reviewing its Masterplan for Continuing Education and Training, or CET. 

She says the review will seek to build a culture where individuals are better empowered to pursue their career goals and aspirations through CET. 

"We must actively look and plan ahead so that our CET system keeps our workforce agile, in an evolving work fuelled by uncertainty. We will give greater emphasis to self-initiated upgrading, to build a career-resilient workforce that embraces lifelong learning." 

She adds that the review also wants to get companies to take greater ownership of human resource planning. 

Speaking during the Committee of Supply debate, Dr Khor says companies can do this by integrating CET into their business strategy, so as to develop attractive careers and wages. 

At the same time, Dr Khor says the Workforce Development Authority will enhance its Enterprise Training Support, or E-T-S scheme, to support e-learning and mobile-learning from next month (April). 

That's because many small and medium enterprises have given feedback that the tight labour market made it difficult for them to send workers for training. 

ETS was rolled out to support SMEs that want more help to develop their HR expertise. 

Dr Khor urges more of them to tap on the scheme. 

"A mindset of continuous improvement does not apply only to workers; employers are an important conduit for these improvements to take place." 

She says ETS has benefitted about 12,000 local workers and 68 companies by the end of last year, and 70 per cent of the companies were SMEs.

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