Updated: 03/11/2014 20:33

Government to mandate "large water users" submit annual WEMP

Government to mandate "large water users" submit annual WEMP

The Government will make it mandatory for all "large water users" to submit their annual Water Efficiency Management Plans to PUB starting June 2015. 

Currently, only about 35 per cent of 600 such premises are doing so. 

These are companies which consume at least 5,000 cubc metres of water each month. 

Environment, Water and Resources Minister, Vivian Balakrishnan made this announcement in his Committee of Supply debate Speech today. 

"With mandatory WEMP submissions, PUB will also be enhancing the WEF to better support companies on efforts such as recycling or use of alternative sources of water. Every drop of water saved through these measures will enable our limited water resources go further, strengthening our water security." 

The Water Efficiency Fund, or WEF was last enhanced last year, it can fund up to 90 per cent of the cost for water audits and meter installation, capped at $30,000.

The PUB will also enhance incentives for recycling or the use of alternate sources of water, to further encourage companies to implement water conservation projects. 

Starting next month, the incentives companies get for potable water savings will be raised to 60 cents per cubic metre, from 40 cents previously. 

NEWater savings will be raised to 30 cents per cubic metre, from 10 cents. 

To enhance water efficiency at home, only washing machines with at least 1-tick under the Minimum Water Efficiency Standards scheme, will be allowed for sale in Singapore starting next month. 

From 2015, this will be raised to a minimum 2 ticks.

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