Updated: 05/20/2014 02:38

Government aims to keep Singapore a "nation of opportunity"

Government aims to keep Singapore a "nation of opportunity"

The government aims to keep Singapore a nation of opportunity, where Singaporeans from all walks of life can succeed. 

The Prime Minister's Office said this in its addenda to the President's Address at the opening of Parliament last Friday. 

While it acknowldged that we must work harder in this globalised world, amid fierce competition - it also promised to give young Singaporeans a strong start through quality and affordable pre-school education. 

Education will be holistic, emphasising not just academics, but also values and character, to prepare students for the rigours of life. 

As for working adults, they'll be equipped with the necessary skills through the Continuing Education and Training or CETsystem. 

The Manpower Ministry has reiterated the urgency for businesses to streamline their operations, with less reliance on foreign manpower. 

It recommends leveraging on automation and providing additional training for workers. 

Speaking of CET, the first batch of students to undergo the Precision Engineering Master Craftsman Programme at Nanyang Polytechnic graduated today. 

The course gave students the management and technical skills needed to contribute to Singapore's manufacturing industry. 

And in a first for an institution outside Germany - the Industry Chambers of Commerce Munich has also certified that the Nanyang Poly course meets German qualification standards. 

Second Minister for Trade and Industry, Mr S Iswaran said it is important to get employers on board in upskilling workers. 

"They will recognise those who obtain these capabilities, and give them tangible benefits in the workplace such as career progression. That's one aspect... The other aspect is at the industry level. The Singapore Manufacturers' Federation recognising some of these graduates as Master Craftsmen, it gives them a new status, and it's not just the status that goes with it. Salary improvements, career progression as well."

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