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Good Samaritan captured on YouTube helping to stop riot

Good Samaritan captured on YouTube helping to stop riot

Good Samaritan captured on YouTube helping to stop riot

SINGAPORE: A few days after the riot at Little India took place, more people are giving Channel NewsAsia accounts of foreign workers who lent a helping hand amidst the chaos.

Hundreds of people were at Little India the night the riot broke out. But one man has stood out for a good reason.

A man in a checked shirt was captured on a YouTube video trying to stop people from rioting.

Many have praised his efforts, and the search for him has begun.

The owner of a coffee shop in Little India claims the man was a regular customer and was likely from Chennai, India.

Mateen Ahmed, owner of coffee shop Spice Box, said he believed the man was around 35 years old, married and had a two-year-old daughter in India.

But he declined to share his name and said he does not know where he worked.

Mr Mateen Ahmed said: "He comes often...weekends, weekdays, also he comes. (He) buys food from us. Very good guy.

“I've been here for eight years, so I'm seeing him from that time only. (He’s a) very good guy, very good-natured.

“Sometimes if I walk outside, he's sitting outside... he'll come hug me, pull my cheeks. The past three days I didn't see him -- he didn't come. Maybe, working?"

And that man was not the only one who sprang into action.

Mr Mateen Ahmed also shared with Channel NewsAsia CCTV footage of the night the riot broke out.

He said many of his regular customers who are foreign workers responded quickly to help the shop.

Mr Mateen Ahmed said: "When the riot started, a lot of people from the roadside, they come, they pick up the chairs, tables, to throw at the bus.

“Then the workers, customers eating here, the regular customers, they help us bring everything inside, all the chairs, tables, close the shutters...

“Then the bottles down there…they are all throwing, pelting them. The workers help us to put everything inside." 

And more stories of those who lent a helping hand are likely to emerge in the days to come. - CNA/nd

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