Updated: 02/20/2014 00:30

Golden Mile Complex car fire

Golden Mile Complex car fire

A car caught fire at the car park of Golden Mile Complex this afternoon. 

SCDF said it received a call for assistance at about 2pm. 

The fire was brought under control within 10 minutes. 

The engine compartment of the car was damaged. 

No one was injured. 

According to Mr Lee, a passer-by, about five people tried to put out the fire using the extinguishers in the carpark before SCDF arrived. 

"In front of the vehicle bonnet, left-hand side caught fire so there were some petrol smell on the side of the vehicle. So after using 4 fire extinguishers, there were no results. The only thing is the fire slow down and then it come up build up back again. Then the whole carpark become very smoky."

SCDF says investigation into the cause of fire is ongoing.

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