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FMSA hands protest letter to Israeli ambassador over Gaza air strikes

FMSA hands protest letter to Israeli ambassador over Gaza air strikes

FMSA hands protest letter to Israeli ambassador over Gaza air strikes

SINGAPORE: The Fellowship of Muslim Students Association (FMSA) on Monday submitted an official letter of protest to the Israeli ambassador in Singapore over Israel’s air strikes in Gaza.

The letter contains a statement from FMSA in protest against air strikes by Israeli air force, which started on 14 November 2012, into densely—populated areas in Gaza that housed some 1.5 million Palestinians.

The FMSA said the motivation of the letter is to express its position on the situation in Gaza and its potential repercussions should the conflict were to further escalate.

A spokesperson said the FMSA became aware of the event unfolding in Gaza on 15 November 2012 via the new media and the printed media in Singapore.

And "like most people who are aware of the conflict in the Middle East, this most recent development in Gaza is most concerning due to the conditions there."

The spokesperson adds that: "There have been numerous analyses on the cause(s) of this latest conflict, however, the versions are naturally conflicting from the Palestinian side and the Israeli side. Notwithstanding the reason, the urgency is to prevent the continuation of the Israeli attacks and the retaliatory strikes by the Palestinians. The motivation to stop the military engagement is to prevent the possibility of more civilian deaths, which are inevitable due to the nature of the area of conflict."

As of late Sunday night, 18 November 2012, the deaths for the Palestinian side have exceeded 50 persons, of whom almost half are women and children.

On the Israeli side, there have been three deaths and the numbers are set to rise

The FMSA decided to submit an official letter of protest to the Israeli government through its ambassador in Singapore, Ms Amira Arnon, via its embassy.

The letter states that FMSA is worried over the high civilian causalities that will arise should the conflict continue, or escalate.

FMSA said this concern is based on a similar conflict that took place for three weeks in 2009 that resulted in the death of 1,400 Palestinians and 14 Israelis.

The association hopes that the letter of protest would be in some way adds to the many voices throughout the world that have expressed similar concerns and asking for the Israeli government to stop the aggression.

FMSA also mentioned the need to address the root cause of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. It calls for a total unconditional withdrawal of Israeli forces from the occupied land of Gaza and the West Bank.

It adds that "an independent Palestine is the only road to peace between the two people."

FMSA said its view is "in concert with the many UN resolutions calling for the end of Israeli occupation in Gaza and the West Bank."

FMSA adds that it would continue to monitor the event in Gaza and Israel with tremendous concern and would consider other means of peaceful efforts to encourage the swift and immediate cessation of military confrontation to prevent further human casualties and damage to civilian infrastructure.

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