Updated: 09/04/2014 23:36

First telehealth programme for heart failure patients

First telehealth programme for heart failure patients

Heart failure patients can better manage their condition from home, with a new programme offered by Changi General Hospital. 

The hospital claims this is a first for heart failure patients here. 

Under the programme, patients monitor their own weight, pulse and blood pressure daily. 

They also learn to manage their health through videos and quizzes. 

A team of nurses will monitor the data from the hospital and follow-up where necessary. 

Changi General Hospital's Senior Consultant, Dr Gerard Leong, says this allows more integrated management of their patients. 

"The automated transfer of clinical data like blood pressure, heart rate and pulse rate allows nurse telecarers a more comprehensive view of our patient's parameters over time, like seven days or eight days, which then you can see a pattern. At the same time, the patient education part is also delivered through a tablet and the patient can assess it at her and his own convenience."

The programme aims to reduce the risk of re-admission and premature death. 

Currently, two in five heart failure patients at Changi General Hospital are re-admitted within a year. 

The hospital saw some 600 cases last year, a figure that has climbed steadily over the years. 

Since the launch of the programme in June, five patients have came on board. 

The hospital hopes to increase this to 160 patients by next October. 

Heart failure patient Mohamed Faizul Wahid, 34, measures his weight, blood pressure and pulse at home daily. He's one of five participants in a new tele-health programme offered for heart failure patients at Changi General Hospital. (Photo credit: Valerie Koh)

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