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Father of NSF punished for dog video lashes out at MINDEF

He lashes out at MINDEF's handling of the case and accuses it of not honouring its word.

Father of NSF punished for dog video lashes out at MINDEF (© Photo: The Singapore Army Facebook page)

SINGAPORE : The father of a full-time National Serviceman (NSF), who was punished for filming an unauthorised video of an abandoned dog tied up in Pasir Ris camp, has lashed out at the Ministry of Defence’s (MINDEF) handling of the case, accusing it of not honouring its word to a member of an animal welfare group.

Simon Spencer also wrote in a Facebook post on Tuesday that his son and eight other NSFs were threatened into keeping mum about the alleged abuse of a stray dog by a senior officer.

Responding on its Facebook page, the Army dismissed the allegations against these commanders as “untrue and unfounded” and reiterated that the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) does not condone any acts of cruelty to animals. In an earlier post at midnight on Tuesday, it said the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore agreed with its investigation findings that no dog abuse had been committed.

The Army also posted a picture of a woman’s leg showing teeth marks (pictured, left), saying it was of a staff who had been bitten twice by “aggressive” stray dogs that are a “persistent danger to personnel”. In December last year, there were at least five recorded incidents of attacks by these dogs, with four causing injuries to its personnel, it added.

Father of NSF punished for dog video lashes out at MINDEF (© Screengrab from video filmed by NSF)

In his post, Spencer said Animal Lovers League President Cathy Strong was asked by MINDEF to disclose who handed her the 21-second video of the black dog with a taut white rope tied around its neck that prevented it from moving or lying down.

She was assured that it was purely for investigation into the animal abuse and that no charges would be pressed against personnel involved in filming it, he claimed.

“It was clear that MINDEF did not keep to their word to Cathy when two officers informed me that my son will be charged,” said Spencer.

The Army did not address Spencer’s claims about the ministry’s assurance to Strong. It reiterated that unauthorised videography within camps and disclosure of information to persons outside the SAF violated camp security regulations and were “serious offences”.

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