Updated: 11/23/2012 02:09

Ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay says he did not break up with Sue, intimate till end 2011

Ex-CNB chief Ng Boon Gay says he did not break up with Sue, intimate till end 2011

District Judge Siva Shanmugam has allowed the Prosecution's application to impeach the credibility of former Central Narcotics Bureau CNB chief Ng Boon Gay. 

This means the judge will have to decide at the close of trial which parts of Ng's evidence to take into consideration. 

Earlier in the day, the Prosecution has charged that Ng fabricated the evidence that Ms Cecilia Sue never asked for a break up. 

Prosecution also accused Ng of lying when he said Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) Deputy Director Teng Khee Fatt pressured him into pleading guilty. 

Ng denied this, saying DD Teng not only used plea bargaining tactics but also threatened to drag everyone through the mud. 

Taking the stand for a fourth day in his own corruption trial, the 46-year-old denied making Ms Sue perform oral sex on him, knowing she had the impression he could make or break the business deals she was pursuing with CNB. 

Ng is accused of obtaining oral sex from 36-year-old Ms Sue, a former IT sales representative, in exchange for helping to further the business interests of her employers. 

Lead prosecutor Tan Ken Hwee this morning quizzed Ng about Ms Sue's various evidence in court as well as statements to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau. 

One area was the pregnancy scare. 

The court was told a pregnant Ms Sue had asked Ng to check documents of the rental of the apartment at Great World City so she can tally the time of the conception of her child. 

Ms Sue and Ng had sexual intercourse at the Great World City apartment. 

This morning, Ng told the court that he could not find the document although he tried looking for it. 

This prompted DPP Tan to ask why Ng did not try harder to put Ms Sue's mind at ease if he truly cared for her. 

Ng said he was grieving the death of his mother so he was preoccupied even though he tried his best to find the documents. 

He said his mother died in August or September 2009. 

Ng also said he told Ms Sue the baby wasn't his. 

DPP Tan asked why Ng was so sure and Ng said they did not complete the act at that time. 

Another area the prosecution questioned was if they broke up. 

Ms Sue had told the court in September  that she told Ng in his face that she wanted to end the relationship with him some time in September or October 2010. 

This was a few months after the birth of her daughter. 

DPP Tan charged that Ng did not have sexual intimacies with Ms Sue after end 2010. 

But Ng said they continued their sexual intimacies until Dec 2011. 

The trial continues.

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