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Ex—cop jailed, caned for molesting woman

Ex—cop jailed, caned for molesting woman

Ex—cop jailed, caned for molesting woman

SINGAPORE: A ex—policeman has been sentenced to 14 months’ jail and three strokes of the cane for molesting a woman outside the lift of a housing block.

Kevin Wu Zhenhao, 30, received another two months’ jail for making unauthorised searches in a police report database for information on the woman’s case.

Wu was a sergeant attached to Rochor Neighbourhood Police Centre when he committed the offences between January and February 2012.

The court heard on Thursday that in the early hours of 14 January 2012, Wu targeted the 26—year—old woman who appeared to be intoxicated as she was making her way to her boyfriend’s flat.

At the void deck, she squatted and vomited at the lift lobby.

She, then, felt someone patting her shoulder and asking if she was all right.

Wu then got into the lift with her and lied that he lived in the block.

As she was stepping out of the lift, Wu grabbed her from behind.

She struggled and both of them fell during the struggle.

The woman felt Wu touch her breast during the struggle.

Wu, then, pinned the woman down, lifted her skirt and touched her private parts.

He fled when she shouted for help.

Her boyfriend later called the police.

The incident was captured on a CCTV camera outside a neighbour’s unit, and Wu was later identified by the woman.

The court also heard that Wu later accessed a police report database numerous times to search for information on the woman’s report.

In mitigation, Wu’s lawyer, Mr Josephus Tan, said his client had "acted out of character" because of relationship problems.

He’ll start his jail sentence on 13 February.

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