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Ex—CNB chief found not guilty of corruption

Ex—CNB chief found not guilty of corruption

Ex—CNB chief found not guilty of corruption

SINGAPORE: Former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief Ng Boon Gay is not guilty of corruption in a high—profile sex—for—contracts court case.

The verdict was handed down by District Judge Siva Shanmugam on Thursday afternoon.

He gave Mr Ng an acquittal amounting to a discharge, saying there was no corrupt element involved.

The judge added that Mr Ng did not have an ulterior or corrupt motive, and that the four counts of oral sex occurred in the context of his relationship with Ms Cecilia Sue.

He also said he had no reason to believe that Ms Sue’s offer of oral sex was intended as an act of inducement.

He added that he did not find Ms Sue "as someone who could easily be taken advantage of".

The judge said the intentions of Ms Sue and Mr Ng were "innocuous".

The prosecution, he said, failed to prove its case.

The judge also found that Ms Sue was not credible as a witness.

He said her explanations on inconsistencies in her statements to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) and evidence in court were inadequate and unconvincing.

Judge Shanmugam found Mr Ng’s evidence to be consistent and credible.

Mr Ng, 46, was visibly relieved with the verdict.

After the verdict was read, Mr Ng’s wife, Mdm Yap Yen Yen, broke into tears, while some in the public gallery clapped.

Mr Ng’s lawyer, Mr Tan Chee Meng, told reporters that they are extremely happy with the outcome.

Mr Tan said: "It’s something that we were hoping for. What’s most important is that this verdict is a vindication of Ng Boon Gay. The fact that he is not corrupt and his innocence has been proven. They have been through a tough year. There are internal proceedings that is happening which would have to be dealt with. And I think Boon Gay has asked me to express his heartfelt thanks to friends, families and even strangers along the road who gave him support."

He added: "It’s very nice to get acquitted on Valentine’s Day."

The Attorney—General’s Chambers will review the grounds for the judge’s decision before deciding on whether it will or will not appeal against the ruling.

He was charged in June last year with four counts of obtaining sexual favours from Ms Sue, who was a sales manager for two IT vendors.

Mr Ng allegedly breached the Prevention of Corruption Act by engaging in sexual acts with Ms Sue on four occasions, between June and December in 2011.

Ms Sue, 36, was the sales manager of Hitachi Data Systems from June to November 2011.

She joined Oracle Corporation Singapore in December in 2011 as its senior sales manager.

Nr Ng was accused of furthering the business interests of the two IT companies in their dealings with CNB in exchange for sexual favours from Ms Sue.

After a closely—watched trial, both the prosecution and defence made their closing arguments late last month.

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