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Court impeaches credibility of Ng Boon Gay

Court impeaches credibility of Ng Boon Gay

Court impeaches credibility of Ng Boon Gay

SINGAPORE: District Judge Siva Shanmugam decided on Thursday to allow the prosecution’s seven applications to impeach the credibility of former Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) chief Ng Boon Gay.

The judge will decide at the close of trial which parts of Ng’s evidence to take into consideration.

Ng, 46, is accused of obtaining oral sex from 36—year—old Ms Cecilia Sue, a former IT sales representative, in exchange for helping to further the business interests of her employers.

The prosecution said in court on Thursday that Ng had not only fabricated his evidence in court but also lied to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB).

Three of the seven impeachment applications relate to oral sex while the rest concern Ms Sue’s conversations with Ng on the IT products.

In Ng’s CPIB statement, he said Ms Sue asked if CNB was interested in any particular software.

However the prosecution pointed out that Ng had testified minutes earlier in court that the IT product discussion did not relate to CNB in particular.

This led the prosecution to say that Ng had lied and that the discussion occurred when Ms Sue told him she could get CNB a discount.

Ms Sue had previously testified in court that she told Ng she managed to get a discount for CNB with regard to a project she was working on, and added that Ng had thanked her.

Ng however disagreed with the prosecution.

The prosecution also accused Ng of lying in court about the number of sexual encounters he had with Ms Sue.

Ng had told the CPIB that Ms Sue was a "part—time lover" and that the couple engaged in sexual intimacy "on and off".

He however testified in court that sexual intimacies were a routine and that he and Ms Sue had oral sex 20 to 30 times in the course of their affair.

The former CNB chief also said in court that he only came to know that Hitachi Data Systems, Ms Sue’s former employer, was involved in the project after it was awarded.

However the prosecution pointed out that Ng’s CPIB statement indicated he was not aware Hitachi was involved in the project.

Ng then explained that he made the statement in the context of the investigating officer’s query.

The prosecution also accused Ng of "embellishing" his relationship with Ms Sue, and charged that Ng had lied when he said Ms Sue never asked for a break up.

The trial continues.

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