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Companies using the Wow! factor to attract and retain staff

Companies using the Wow! factor to attract and retain staff

Companies are experimenting with unique ideas to attract and retain the best talent. 

Some are pulling out all the stops to ensure their new hires have a first day at work they cannot forget! 

A limousine service to and from work. 

Lunch with the boss. 

And an afternoon massage. 

These are just some of the things new hires like 24-year-old Caroline Saridewi at branding consultant Landor Associates get to enjoy on their first day at work. 

"I was pretty surprised actually, like almost cannot believe it. I feel really welcomed on my first day. The day before I was so scared that how am I going to fit in, but actually assigned me a buddy who let me know everything about the company and about the work culture. Basically, it helps me keep calm, and just carry on and give my best on my first day." 

Landor started its 'My First Day' programme six months ago. 

Its President Nick Foley said so far none of its recent recruits have left the company. 

The company is also implementing the programme at other offices across its global network.

"We run engagement surveys for their teams every six months, but the best way you can track it is how many people are choosing to stay with the company and over the last year. What we're really trying to do here is to stand out amongst other Singaporean employers and create an environment where people love working and it starts on day one." 

Human resource practitioners say not many companies will be able to replicate the Landor experience. 

They stressed it's important to ensure companies have adequate preparation for the arrival of their new staff. 

However, Managing Director of PrimeStaff Management Services, Ronald Lee said such "feel good factor" needs to be sustained. 

"Companies cannot simply pay lip service when it comes to good corporate culture. It just does not work that way. Strong corporate culture needs to be instilled within the workforce consistently on a daily basis and from the top down. Management must walk the talk and live and breathe the values of the organisation. Otherwise, all initiatives to inculcate corporate culture will lose credibility and employees will view the management or company as inauthentic." 

HR experts added that small gestures conducted on a regular basis can also go a long way towards creating memorable experiences at work. 

-By Saifulbahri Ismail

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