Updated: 02/16/2013 01:48

Chefs in seafood bribery case fined, jailed

Chefs in seafood bribery case fined, jailed

Two chefs from two popular Chinese restaurants have been fined for receiving bribes from a seafood supplier.

54-year-old Chung Yiu Ming was fined 17,000 dollars and made to pay a penalty of some 22,000 dollars for receiving bribes.

Between 2007 and 2009, the former executive chef at Sheraton Towers Singapore pocketed close to some 22,000 dollars from Tay, who owns Wealthy Seafood Product and Enterprise.

Chung  would ensure that the restaurant Li Bai bought seafood from Tay.

The other chef, 46-year-old Tan Ah Teng, received gratification amounting to more than 193,000 dollars from Tay over a three-year period, from March 2006.

Tan, who was the Master Chef at Min Jiang restaurant in Goodwood Park Hotel, was sentenced to four months' imprisonment.

He was also made to pay the penalty that was equivalent to the amount of bribes he received

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