Updated: 05/10/2013 01:29

Check your online profiles -- your date might be e-stalking you

Check your online profiles -- your date might be e-stalking you

As more singles turn to online dating to find romance, there is a greater need for them to beware of "e-stalking". 

This according to dating agency Lunch Actually. 

A study it conducted showed that more than half of Singapore singles aged 26 to 40 have given online dating a try. 

And, more than 70 per cent will track the digital footprints of their dates before they meet. 

Lunch Actually's CEO Violet Lim says this means singles need to be careful about what they reveal online. 

"There are certain things that you might not want someone who has not met you before to see. So that's why it's really important to do an online social media audit on yourself. Like, do a Google search on your name and see what comes out. What comes out, is it something you are okay with?"

Among other things, it was also found that fewer women are willing to date a younger man. 

Also, less than half are willing to date men who earn less or men who have lower education levels. 

But Ms Lim says this doesn't necessarily mean that women are more materialistic. 

"From our findings, throughout the years, actually what women are looking for are someone who is confident, someone who carries themselves well. Men who come across as very wishy-washy, doesn't seem to have his own mind, those are like immediate turn-offs for women."

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