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Channel NewsAsia to launch 5-part "Days of Rage" documentary

Channel NewsAsia to launch 5-part "Days of Rage" documentary

Channel NewsAsia to launch 5-part "Days of Rage" documentary

SINGAPORE: Channel NewsAsia is launching a five-part documentary series on key incidents in Singapore's history.

Called "Days of Rage", the series features previously unseen footage and interviews from historical events such as the Maria Hertogh riots and the Hock Lee bus riots.

More than 60 years after the Maria Hertogh riots, three of Hertogh's children have given insights into what Hertogh herself went through during those turbulent times.

Their journey to the places their mother once called home will be the highlight of the first episode of the documentary series.

"Days of Rage" covers five key incidents in Singapore's history in the 50s, 60s and 70s, and the production team behind it shot the series in five different countries over the course of one year.

Channel NewsAsia's senior producer of "Days of Rage", Tom St John Gray, said: "At some point, we went out and knocked on doors, tried to find people, and it really was a bit of a treasure hunt for some of the eyewitnesses.

"(For example) those students from Hock Lee, who were 13 years old at that time, who remember the events as clearly as it happened yesterday, or we go to Episode 5 which looks at the MacDonald House bombing and we meet the survivors."

The series also features information from highly confidential documents that have recently been declassified in the British and Indonesian archives.

Mok Choy Lin, vice president of Network Programming at Channel NewsAsia, said: "These stories are really important because these are pivotal moments in our history that have really helped to shape our values as a nation.

"And we really want to tell these stories, I think, to the younger generation who's only read about them in their history books. But now we're really able to bring alive the real people and eyewitnesses who saw history as it happened."

"Days of Rage" makes its TV debut on Sunday, January 19, and will also be available on Channel NewsAsia's website a day after the TV broadcast of each episode.  - CNA/al

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