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Changes to NUS education framework

Changes to NUS education framework

From August this year, incoming freshmen at the National University of Singapore will have a grade-free first semester. 

Here's how students will benefit. 

Jeremy Wee will be entering NUS as a freshman in August. 

And he's happy about the new grade-free first semester. 

"Most of our academics have been returned to our teachers a long time ago. It's a good way for us to warm up our brains again after 2 years in NS."

Incoming freshmen will STILL be given a grade which can count towards their Cumulative Average Point in their first semester. 

But if they're not happy with their results, they can choose to be graded either "Satisfactory" or "unsatisfactory" for each module. 

Provost of NUS, Professor Tan Eng Chye, explained that this will encourage students to pursue learning for the sake of learning. 

"Hopefully this will reduce the stress of our students. I do feel that you need some pressure, but of course too much pressure is unhealthy, so I think it's finding a balance."

We asked Professor Tan if the new system would make it easier for students to get good grades. 

" This is not our intention of the grade-free semester, but it is a more forgiving system, and therefore I think more students would do better."

Freshman Jeremy Wee says the grade-free first semester will not be an excuse for him to slack off. 

" I'll still work as hard. Because if we do well, we can still use the grade, and the minimum requirement is that we have to pass, so I'm quite sure that many of us will still work quite hard."

The University is also taking steps to make industry attachments an integral part of the undergraduate curriculum. 

And from Academic Year 2015, there will be a new General Education curriculum where students WILL be required to learn about human culture, quantitative reasoning and Singapore Studies. 

NUS's career centre will also do more to enhance graduates' employability. 

-by Lianne Chia

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