Updated: 05/08/2013 21:35

Banker jailed in online sex case

Banker jailed in online sex case

The Swiss national accused of having commercial sex with a minor has been sentenced to four months and three weeks in jail. 

Former banker at UBS, 41-year-old Juerg Buergin, was found guilty on both charges of having paid sex with an underaged girl following a trial last month. 

In his sentencing, District Judge Eddy Tham said Buergin showed no signs of remorse and "took no responsibility in engaging in reckless commercial sex" with the girl. 

The district judge also noted the wide age disparity between the girl and Buergin. 

The judge added that he had considered sentencing Buergin to 12 weeks as "a starting point" if Buergin had pleaded guilty. 

But when the father-of-two claimed trial, the judge said that Buergin should have considered "not being afforded a discount of previous cases." 

The former UBS executive was the first of the 51 men in the online vice ring case to claim trial. 

Dressed in a light blue collared shirt, Buergin looked emotionless when his sentence was read out.

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