Top PSLE pupil from Rosyth School

Top PSLE pupil Alex Tan Kian Hye

SINGAPORE: This year’s top PSLE student comes from Rosyth School.

He is Alex Tan Kian Hye who scored an aggregate of 282.

"I was really shocked cause I didn’t expect that I would get such a high score," said Alex.

The highest PSLE score ever recorded was 294 in 2007, by a St Hilda pupil.

Alex said creating his own notes using simpler words helped him study better.

But he credits his grandmother as his main source of motivation.

"Every time I brought home my exam papers, she would always encourage me to do better, she would say that I’m capable of doing better (than what I had done," said Alex.

Alex has secured a place in the Integrated Programme at Raffles Institution (RI).

The top Malay PSLE student is Aqilah Dariah Mohd Zulkarnain from Coral Primary.

"I’ve been working very hard ever since I was in Primary 5 as I know its a very crucial year for me," she said.

With an aggregate score of 278, the head prefect plans to go to Raffles Girls School, and hopes to become a doctor someday.

Muhammad Hameem from Henry Park Primary emerged as the top Indian PSLE pupil with an aggregate of 274. He will join Alex Tan at RI.

"I sacrificed some of my playtime of course, but I had this thought in my mind — after PSLE, I can do anything I want. So I studied hard," he said.

Lendermann Monika Jia—xin of CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace is the top Eurasian student who obtained an aggregate score of 269.

The Education Ministry (MOE) said 20 schools had at least one student with an aggregate score of 275.

They include Anglo—Chinese School (Primary), Casuarina Primary and Coral Primary.

MOE said 97.3 per cent (43,826) of the students who sat for the PSLE this year would proceed to secondary school. Last year, it was 97.1 per cent.

Of the pupils going to secondary one, 63.5 per cent are eligible for the Express course, 22.1 per cent for the Normal (Academic) and 11.7 per cent for the Normal (Technical) course.

MOE said 2.7 per cent are assessed not ready for secondary school or more suited for vocational training.

Of these, pupils who have attempted PSLE once and are not over—aged can choose to apply to Assumption Pathway School (APS) or NorthLight School (NLS) based on recommendations of their primary school principals.

They can also opt to spend another year in Primary 6 to consolidate their learning.

The remaining pupils are those who have been unsuccessful after repeated attempts at the PSLE or are over—aged.

These pupils will be offered a place in APS or NLS.

Eligible students will receive on Thursday their option forms to select secondary schools along with the PSLE results slips.

Their secondary one posting results will be released on December 22.

Pupils are to report to the secondary schools they are posted to on December 23, at 8.30 am.