MP suggests possible incentives for those on social assistance

MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC, Ang Hin Kee says those on social assistance should be rewarded when they have upgraded their skills and improved their income. 

He suggested two possible incentives for this group. 

One is to hand out the same amount of subsidies they were receiving previously for another year. 

The other is to consider giving them a lump sum incentive. 

Mr. Ang said feedback from social workers he spoke with was that some low-income families were concerned that if they earn a higher income, they will lose out in subsidies. 

" As such, many may choose not to earn higher income, preferring to stay under the radar. This may result in a disincentive to exit from the social support scheme. Many may even lose the drive to do better and earn more. As they feel that their income increase may not be able to make up for what they lose out in subsidies. "