Four more cab operators indicate revision of fare structure

Four more taxi companies have informed the Public Transport Council that they'll be revising their fare structures.

Among them is Singapore's second largest taxi operator, TransCab, which announced today that it will be raising fares from 3rd January (2012).

TransCab flagdown fares will soon cost 20 cents to 70 cents more, depending on the taxi type.

And its drivers have mixed feelings about the increase:

"Better don't increase. Don't follow. My thinking is don't follow. If don't follow, at least we have business. If follow, it will be a bit less...Day shift should be ok because day shift everybody going to work, rushing to work. Night shift because coming back,so they have plenty of time, they can take their time...If they don't have to, they won't take taxi, they'll take MRT or bus... The CNG increase very high now the price. So I think have to increase the meter, the price."

Singapore's second largest taxi operator, Trans Cab, will raise fares from 3 January 2012 due to higher overhead costs that will hit the earnings of its drivers.

Flagdown fares will cost 20 cents to 70 cents more, depending on the taxi type.

For Toyota Crown, it'll be $3 instead of $2.80.

That of Toyota Wish will be $3.20 instead of the current $3, while the start fare for Chevrolet will be $3.40 instead of $3.20.

For Mercedes Benz, it'll cost $3.90 - or 70 cents more than the current $3.20.

Currently, the flagdown fare for the Chevrolet is the same as that for the Mercedes Benz. 

Every 400 metres after the flagdown distance will cost 22 cents for distances up to 10 kilometres.

Currently, it's 20 cents for every 385 metres.

After 10 kilometres, it'll be 22 cents for every 350 metres, compared 20 cents for every 330 metres.

Every 45 seconds of waiting will cost 22 cents, instead of the current 20 cents.

Trans Cab, which has a fleet of 4,300 taxis, will also adjust the fees for cab bookings.

It'll be 20 cents cheaper to book the Toyota Wish, Toyota Crown and Chevrolet cabs.

Currently, the fee is $3.50 during peak hours and $2.50 during off-peak hours.

However, the booking fee for Mercedes Benz taxi will go up to $10, from the current $8.

The advanced booking fee will go up for all types of cabs.

For Toyota Wish, Toyota Crown and Chevrolet, it'll be $6.50, up from the current $5.20.

For Mercedes Benz cab, it'll be $18, compared with the current $16.

Peak-hour charges will be lowered to 25 per cent of meter fare, from the current 35 per cent of meter fare.

But the peak-hour charges will cover a longer period.

They'll kick in an hour earlier, from 6am to 9.30am from Monday to Friday, compared with the current 7am to 9.30am.

As for the evening peak-hour charges, they'll be from 6pm to midnight throughout the week, including public holidays.

Currently, the evening peak-hour surcharge applies to fares from 5pm to 8pm, between Monday and Saturday.

Trans Cab is the third taxi operator to announce fare changes, after ComfortDelGro and SMRT Taxis.

Separately ...

Comfort cab drivers, who saw a fare restructuring kick in last week, said the fare hike has brought about several problems.

"5 to 10 percent like that. Today no passengers!...In the city is ok, anytime can get passengers, but outskirts, remote areas is difficult to get passengers."

The company was the first to increase prices on December 12.

The one cab company that has yet to confirm if it's raising its fares, is Prime.