MediaCorp to launch new interactive service

MediaCorp's Over-The-Top interactive service - Toggle.

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s leading media company MediaCorp will launch a trial involving a new interactive service delivered over broadband, in the first quarter of 2012.

Known as "Toggle", the service will offer unique features and premium content, that’ll revolutionise the way you watch television.

Some 200 households will be roped in take part in the free trial.

The interactive service will integrate online and traditional TV entertainment experience by delivering content to the subscribers’ preferred devices such as a "Connected TV", computer, tablet device or mobile phone.

Those who have "Connected TV" or Internet enabled ones, will only need broadband connection to obtain the service.

MediaCorp said this service will enable the subscriber to stay connected anytime, anywhere with any Internet access.

To enjoy Toggle, users will need to connect the set—top box to their broadband and TV set.

Once done, free—to—air channels like Channel NewsAsia will take on an interactive look.

During the trial, users can view synopsis of programmes, access more than 200 hours worth of MediaCorp drama serials and behind—the—scenes footage and participate in live polls.

"Watch it first" will allow users to catch the current Channel 8 drama serial, five episodes ahead of other viewers.

They can also catch up on TV programmes they’ve missed on Channel 5, Channel 8, Channel U, Okto, Suria and Vasantham.

Finding locations of a favourite restaurant for example, is also made easy using the smart service.

Mr Philip Koh, managing director for Convergent Media Division, MediaCorp said: "We are very pleased to launch this new TV viewing experience that ushers a new era of enhanced entertainment experience for our local audience who are increasingly mobile and may not appeal to appointment—viewing.

"The technical trial will enable the team to iron out the kinks and to get feedback from trial users," he added.

The trial will go on for about a month. More interactive content can be expected, when the service is officially launched.

This includes access to real—time traffic information, free games and movies.

Users can also tune in to MediaCorp’s radio stations complete with lyrics and visual presentations.

Users will need to subscribe to enjoy the new service. Pricing details will be revealed later.

The interactive service is known as "Over—The—Top" is delivered using users’ existing broadband connection. Examples of such services already in the market include Netflix, Apple TV and BBC iPlayer.

Interested participants for the trial can register via

All successful trial users will be issued with a set—top—box in the first quarter of 2012.

— CNA/ck