Free cab rides for Northlight School’s needy students

A student from Northlight School getting a cab ride.

SINGAPORE: A free cab ride to needy students, when they need it most.

A group of taxi drivers from a charity group called CabbyCare, is providing free rides for some students of NorthLight school. The cabbies are working with transport company ComfortDelGro, so that a free ride is only a call away.

15—year—old NorthLight student Salmah Rahiman gets to take a cab, to bring home groceries which have been donated to her family. It is a new luxury for the teenager.

Before this, she could only afford to take the bus, which means she had to make three trips, just to bring home the donated items.

The groceries are donated to students from low—income families by charitable organisations, members of the public and well—wishers.

Like Salmah, the free cab rides will be provided for students whose families are on financial assistance. That is because CabbyCare will have 40 of its members on standby to provide such a service, whenever its needed. The cabbies will also take the students home, if they fall ill.

Salmah said: "If we tried to call our parents, and our parents are not free, they usually tell us to go back our own. So if the teachers and the staff is not free for us, the taxi can send us back home. It’s easier."

For the volunteer cabbies, they get to play a part, indirectly, towards the students’ welfare.

A member of the CabbyCare Charity Group, Hey Mun Chiew, said: "I feel that we can provide this service to the students so that they can have more time in their studies...have peace of mind, and contribute to the society in the future."

In all, the cabbies have pledged to provide about 200 free rides this year. ComfortDelGro said it will pay the cabbies more than S$8,000 for such trips and this amount will be channelled into CabbyCare’s charity fund.

ComfortDelGro also donated one de—registered Comfort taxi, with complete parts, to the school. The donation will give third and fourth—year students taking Mechanical Service classes some hands—on experience to apply their theoretical knowledge.