StarHub destroys 300 illegal set—top boxes

StarHub destroys some 300 illegal set-top boxes (photo: StarHub)

SINGAPORE: Cable TV operator StarHub has said it is clamping down hard on illegal set—top boxes.

It said it destroyed more than 300 illegal set—top boxes seized by Singapore Customs last month.

They were handed over to StarHub for mass destruction.

Illegal set—top boxes, otherwise known as unauthorised decoders, illegally decode StarHub TV’s encrypted broadcast transmissions.

It is against the law to sell or use them.

StarHub has made known publicly it would not hesitate to take appropriate action to curb the sale of illegal set—top boxes in Singapore.

Last year, it took two separate illegal set—top box infringement cases to court and secured convictions for both.

Other than taking legal action against such wrongdoers, it has also employed technological means to render such unauthorised decoders useless.